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Liquidating Entire Collection

Due to an upcoming move, I have chosen to liquidate my entire personal collection of machines. Most are Singer, and aside from a few parts machines they are all in excellent condition and fully functional. These can be purchased individually or as a complete collection. Please call to discuss pricing and to set up a time to come and inspect.

Here is a brief listing:

             Singer 201K , brown with hand crank & motor

             Singer 201, electric

             Singer 631g (like the 431g but a different color)

             Singer 101

             Singer 15 - Many machines - old and new including a green one

             Singer 301 - A gorgeous black machine with long bed, nice case and full accessories box

             Singer 206K, black with accessories

             Singer 306W, brown with accessories

             Touch 'n Sew - I have about a dozen of these including a Golden 640 complete with all accessories. Some of these are really great machines for those that like them.

             Singer 66 RAF

             Singer 99 - A near-mint early electric model in a bent-wood case. There are a few others besides this, including a newer Model 99 in near-mint condition.

             Singer 128 - with bent-wood case

             Singer 115 in beautiful complete parlor cabinet

             Singer 44-10 industrial set-up on table with 2.0 amp motor. This is a strong running machine.

             Pfaff 262 - Great condition and includes accessories.

             Pfaff 260 - Mounted in power head table with servo motor and LED work light. Great machine in excellent condition. This one has been my go-to machine for a few years.

             Pfaff 130 - Unrestored but still on nice condition. It will be a great machine was given a thorough cleaning and service.

             Necchi 525 - This is in original cabinet and includes disks/accessories. Italian made.

             Necchi - Nova Iíve got two of these. One is restorable, the other complete but better suited for parts

             Singer treadles Ė I have three complete treadle bases without cabinets, as well as one with cabinet attached.

             Singer 201 Ė Unrestored machine in original art deco cabinet. Will be great runner once cleaned up.

             Etc, Etc, Etc...Let me know what else youíre looking for and I might have it.

Accessories - Too many to list. I've got dozens of Singer accessories for both the straight needle and slant needle machines. Everything from embroidery kits, monogram kits, and some fairly rare pieces. I also have a few complete sets of black "tophat" disks for the 400, 500, and 600 series machines.


Olympia SG-1   I have three of these in great condition. Two are sitting on vintage typewriter carts. This was the top-of-the-line machine available in their day. These are complete machines with recovered platens.

Olympia SG-3   This is the next generation from the SG-1. This machine is in excellent condition and could be used as a daily machine if desired.

Portables:   I have a number of 60s Ė 70s portables, plus a few older ones. Most are in great condition. Let me know what youíre looking for and Iíll see if Iíve got one. There are a number of Olympia portables in this batch as well, all in wonderful condition and some with new platens.  

All machines will be sold at very reasonable prices. Please contact us page if you have interest. Ask if there are accessories you need to fill your collection. Ask if there is a machine you want. I'll do the best to give you a fair price. 

Everything will be PICK-UP only from Milwaukee, WI and from Waukesha, WI (some at work, some at home). Unfortunately I will be unable to ship and of these machines.





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